Adding resources to your class group

Adding resources to your group will assign them to the students within the group.

  1. To begin, click the Resource Library
  2. Locate the resource you would like to add to the group. This can be facilitated by using the provided filters (Subject, Grade, Sort, Order, and Results). Screen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_8.17.13_AM.png
  3. Once you have located the resource you would like to add to your group, click the title to open.
  4. Click the +My Groups button located towards the top of the resource.Screen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_8.19.28_AM.png
  5. A window will appear listing your current groups. Check the box(es) for which groups you wish to add the resource to. Screen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_8.10.43_AM.png
  6. Click Submit to confirm the addition of resource to the chosen group(s). 
  7. To view the added resource, click My Dashboard.
  8. Scroll to the My Groups section, and click the + sign next to the group name to expand the group information. The resources assigned to the group will be listed under Group ResourcesScreen_Shot_2020-03-24_at_8.15.13_AM.png
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