Setting up InSync for your class

Interested in creating a teacher account with InSync where you can invite students, assign resources, and track their progress?  Please follow the sequence of activities below. 

Create a teacher account

We put together instructions on how to successfully create a teacher account. Click CREATE A FREE INSYNC to view instructions. 

Create a Group

Now that you have a teacher account, create a group in order to add students. See  instructions for CREATING A GROUP.

Invite students to join your group

What's a group without students? Invite students to your group and track their progress on the resources you've assigned. Easy instructions can be viewed by clicking INVITE YOUR STUDENTS TO YOUR GROUP.

Add resources to your class group

Now that you've created an account, set up a group, and added students, you can add resources to the group. Click ADDING RESOURCES TO YOUR CLASS GROUP  to view instructions.


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