Removing assignments from student dashboard

Note: Created assignments cannot be deleted. This important safety measure prevents student progress/submissions from being lost due to accidental assignment deletion.

If an assignment was mistakenly created and assigned to a group of students, removing the students from the assignment as shown in the steps below will delete the assignment from the student dashboard. 

Remove an assignment from a student's dashboard

1. From your teacher dashboard, expand the group that the lesson is assigned to.
2. Click the + sign next to the lesson you wish to un-assign.

3. Click Edit next to the title of the lesson.

4. Under Step 1 (Select group members), unselect the students you wish to remove from the lesson. If you wish to remove all students, check and uncheck the Select all box to unselect all students.


5. Click Save.

Upon completion of these steps, the assignment will be removed from the students dashboard. Renaming the un-assigned assignment to something else or re-using it for another assignment later helps organize your teacher dashboard. 

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